Orientation Handbook
If you are new to GWRRA and/or Chapter W this is a good source of information.

Our Meeting Place and Time

GWRRA Texas Chapter "W" holds its chapter meetings on the FIRST Saturday and THIRD Thursday of each month. The first is our regular meeting and then a ride; while the second is an informal meeting/social gathering. The first meeting is at Las Mananitas Mexican Restaurant, 9825 S. Mason Rd., Suite 240, Richmond, TX. It starts at 8:15am and can include breakfast. They open at 8:00am and we are in the private room to the left.

The location of the second meeting changes each month, so check our calendar.

The second meeting is held at 7:00 P.M. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend. Come early and enjoy dinner with the chapter. While we discuss plans, feel free to become involved and offer suggestions. We are here to have a good time and promote safe riding of our Gold Wings. Drop by and see what is so fun and exciting about GWRRA and your Gold Wing.